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Does the Lack of Time ⏰ or Energy prevent you from Consigning? 

Have you ever said, "I'll just get rid of it"

WeE are here to HELP!

WeeTag your items & you make money!!!

YOU MAKE 50% ON EVERY SOLD ITEM(less a $10 consignor fee)

7 Super Easy Steps for You:
1. Get a consignor number by Registering (as a new or existing consignor)
2. Collect & Hang your items
3. Sort clothing by size and gender  (store in boxes or totes labeled with your consignor number)
4. Schedule a Drop-Off time to meet us with your items 

5. Shop Early (during our consignor private presale)
6. Pick-Up or Donate your unsold items
7. Collect your check during Pick-Up


Please review "What Can I Sell" tab at the top of the page for 

details on what is accepted for consignment.

What Wee do:
Wee will TAG & BARCODE every item.

Place your items on the sales floor.

What Wee provide:

index cards 
safety pins 
barcode labels
printer ink
ziploc bags
rubber bands

tagging gun and taggers

What Wee Charge:

The consignor will make 50% on every sold item.

A $10 consignor fee will be deducted from your earnings at the end of the sale.

Wee accept a limited number of WeeTag jobs.​  Email us ASAP to reserve your place on our WeeTag consignor list.

KIDS SALE:  sweetweepeets@gmail.com
ADULT & HOME SALE:  sweetsecondssale@gmail.com