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Does the Lack of Time ⏰ or Energy prevent you from Consigning? 

Have you ever said, "I'll just get rid of it"

WeE are here to HELP!

WeeTag your items & you make money!!!

YOU MAKE 50% ON EVERY SOLD ITEM(less a $10 consignor fee)

Super Easy Steps for You:
1. Get a consignor number by Registering (as a new or existing consignor)

2. Complete the Wee Tag form below (you must include the # of items you will be consigning)
3. Collect & Hang your items - ALL Clothing MUST be on hangers
4. Sort clothing by size and gender  (store in boxes or totes labeled with your consignor number)

5. Make sure all battery operated items have working batteries.
6. Schedule a Drop-Off time to meet us with your items 

7. Shop Early (during our consignor private presale)

8. Pick-Up or Donate your unsold items
9. Collect your check during Pick-Up

Note: Please review "What Can I Sell" tab at the top of the page for details on what is accepted for consignment.

What Wee do:
Wee will TAG & PRICE every item & Place your items on the sales floor.

What Wee Charge: 

  • A non-refundable materials charge of $4 paid in advance (per sale each season). (see below)
  • The consignor will make 50% on every sold item.
  • A $10 consignor fee will be deducted from your earnings at the end of the sale.

$4 material fee covers the cost of
paper / cardstock - safety pins - printer ink - ziploc bags - rubber bands - ribbon
zipties - tape  and taggers  for up to 100 items.

Wee accept a limited number of WeeTag Consignors.​

Please complete the form below to reserve your place on our WeeTag consignor list.

A Tagging Manager will contact you to confirm your spot and arrange a drop-off appointment.
Then, we will send you an invoice for a $4 non-refundable materials fee.

Wee Tag Benefits:

  • Consignors keep 50% of everything sold less the $10 consignor fee that comes out after the sale is over
  • Shop Early—you and one (1) guest may shop early during the consignor pre-sale.

PLEASE NOTE: Wee Tag consignors cannot increase what percentage they keep and therefore

may not select more than one volunteer shift plus sorting.  

KIDS SALE:  sweetweepeets@gmail.com       ADULT & HOME SALE:  sweetsecondssale@gmail.com