INDEX CARDS or PRINTER PAPER use WHITE if you ARE picking up unsold items
INDEX CARDS or PRINTER PAPER use COLORED if you ARE NOT picking up unsold items

MAILING LABELSif you are printing the original barcode stickers to use with index cards.

SAFETY PINS (straight pins - prohibited)
TAGGING GUN (allowed - MUST INSERT NEEDLE INTO A SEAM or we will not accept item due to permanent damage)

CLEAR PACKING TAPE (perfect for re-enforcement over safety pins once they have been attached to clothing)

CLEAR PACKING TAPE (securing puzzles, boxes, toys)
ZIPLOC BAGS  (for loose items, diapers, toys)
ZIP-TIES (no need to bag shoes - zip tie them if possible)
HANGERS  (any type - do not use kid hangers on any clothing kids size 10 and up)

FOAM HANGER COVERS (prevents items from falling off hangers)
RIBBON (attaching tags to furniture or items that tape will mess up) 

METALLIC SHARPIE (write consignor number & price on the bottom of black sole shoes in the event the tag falls off)


How to price your items: 
** Price reasonably. Overpriced items do not sell **

YES Discount:  Let your items discount.  You will sell more & have less to take home. 

NO Discount:  The item will remain full price for the duration of the entire sale. 

DO NOT USE NO Discount BARCODES if you are donating your unsold items or think you may not want to pick up your unsold items.

Donating Unsold Items:  Means you do not want to pick up unsold leftover items. These items are donated to local charities.

Donating unsold items also means you must use Colored INDEX CARDS.

Rule of thumb: price your items for approximately 30% of the price you paid for it.
Minimum price: $1  (you may use .50 increments


Clothing (wire hangers are ok)  
DO NOT use safety pins on items the pin could damage the material:
   (leather, silk, satin, athletic shirts (Under Armour type material) anything that will pick or leave a hole)  
   Always attach the INDEX CARD/TAG to the outside of the clothing UNLESS the pin will damage the material, then attach to clothing tag  
*  Hang all clothing items on hangers with the hook facing left (top of the hanger will look like a "?") 
*  Pin the tag to the upper right side of the clothing (heart area)  
*  Be sure the clothing will not fall off the hanger 
   Clothing that will easily fall off the hanger, will not be accepted - foam hanger covers are a perfect fix for this
*  PANTS - Kid's Sale: DO NOT fold pants over the bottom of the hanger. safety pin pants and skirts to hangers by the waistband (at the          top angles of the hanger- not the bottom)
*  PANTS - Adult Sale:  FOLD pants over the bottom of the hanger or use pant clip hangers 
   (DO NOT PIN Adult pants to the hanger! FOLD THEM OVER THE HANGER!
*  If you are using more than 1 hanger for 2 & 3 piece outfits, please gather & secure all hangers w/ a rubber band

All shoes will need to be securely fastened together w/ your card attached to the tie or shoes (cable zip-tie, twist-tie,)

DO NOT poke a hole in the shoe with a safety pin. Get creative. 
Use cheap ribbon to run inside buckles on shoes. please don't damage the shoes.

In addition to the tag, Write your consignor # and price on the sole (use black or metallic marker) 
(bring us your BEST -  up to 7 pairs)

Other items
*  Secure tags to large items w/ clear masking tape 
*  Place index card inside a ziploc - then attach the ziploc to toys / shoes / big items. 
    (this will keep the tag from being destroyed or torn from the item)
*  Place small items together in zip lock bag (attach tag to the outside using clear packing tape) 
*  Equipment & large items need to be fully assembled & clean at drop-off 
*  All TOYS must have batteries that WORK (no one will buy an item if they aren't sure it works) in the event we have to provide a battery for something with dead/no batteries, we will deduct $1 for every battery needed for that item.


DO NOT USE TAPE / STICKY ADHESIVE OF ANY KIND on furniture , the front side of art or frames. 

1. Tape Tag to the backside of the wall art   -or-

2. Tape one end of a long string or ribbon to the TAG, then tape the other end to the backside of the piece of wall art, drape the tag over the top of the wall art so that it hangs from the string.... it will then be attached to the backside of the wall art but visible from the front side.   This method can also be used to drape over furniture or string from the inside of doors/drawers.


Please verify ALL TOYS & EQUIPMENT by going to  or


We are not responsible if you use the  wrong consignor #, no consignor number, fail to price your items or if you tag your items incorrectly and your consignor # or price is damaged at checkout.