​​​​​​consignor  info

* how to info for both sales

* dates are located in the "Consignor drop down box for this page "Consignor Dates"


KIDS SALE: TUE FEB 23  at 10am

ADULT & HOME: TUE MARCH 16  at 10am

ORDER / ENTER TAGS:  Once registered, there is
No Cutoff time for entering & printing TAGS from home! 

Consignor Registration is NOW OPEN

Returning Consignors  even if you have consigned in the past, you must register every season.
Your LOGIN is your consignor number (no letters). Your consignor number is your LIFETIME number. Your PASSWORD is the last 4 digits of your contact phone number.

If you have trouble logging in, email us.

New Consignors If you wish to use a consignor number from another sale, you may write it on the tag.... but use only numbers (no letters) when requesting to reserve a number during registration.
In the event the consignor number you want to use is not available, the system will automatically issue a new number.
(If you plan to consign with our adult sale.....  Register for the adult sale immediately after you register for the kids sale.  Request to use the same consignor number you were issued for the kids sale.  This way you will have the same consignor number for BOTH sales)

Steps for consigning:
1. Get a consignor number by Registering (as a new or existing consignor)
2. Collect & Hang your items
3. PRINT price TAGS online at home  - SEE TAGS & HOW TO TAG

4. Fill in description & size on each tag then attach to item.
5. Drop-Off your items  (scroll down for drop off dates)
6. Shop Early (during our consignor private presale)
7. Pick-Up or Donate your unsold items
8. Collect your check & sales report during Pick-Up

Tagging (barcodes) is the key part of our system. Every item must have a printed TAG with a barcode.   

(click on "how to tag" link above for instructions).
You will print your Barcode Tags Online. In the event you are unable to print tags, please order them via your

consignor account then email us your batch number - we can print them for you - See TAG tab above

Consignor Perks

Consignors shop before the public!
Consignors make 70% of the selling price on each sold item! 
($10 consignor fee is deducted from your final total)  
Consigning "volunteers" can make up to 75% on each sold item! AND the consignor fee is waived!

See Volunteer info

We can't do this alone.  It takes many volunteers helping at the sale in order for the sale to take place.

Drop Off your items
ALL ITEMS MUST BE SORTED BY SIZE & GENDER before we check your items. The sooner you drop off your items... The earlier you & your guest get to shop at the Pre-Sale.   Drop off dates/hours are listed under the IMPORTANT DATES drop down tab. 

NO appointment required for drop-off.  We do NOT offer a mid-week drop off.  We do not offer an ALL seasons sale. 

Please visit "What can I sell?" for TONS of information on what we will & won't accept.

Making multiple trips to drop off is fine provided all drops are made on the same day. (exceptions are made for large furniture items only)

Drop Off Dates: 1st to drop off is 1st to shop...

(see Consignor Dates in the drop down tab under Consignor Info)

Drop off on DAY 1 & shop presale night at 5p
Drop off on DAY 2 & shop presale night at 6p
Drop off on DAY 3 & shop presale night at 7p
Drop off on DAY 4 & shop presale night at 730p
(2nd drop-offs will only be accepted for large items & furniture)

Consignor & Guest PreSale:
(see Consignor Dates in the drop down tab under Consignor Info)
If you dropped off on Day 1, you shop PRESALE night at 5p
If you dropped off on Day 2, you shop PRESALE night at 6p

If you dropped off on Day 3, you shop PRESALE night at 7p

If you dropped off on Day 4, you shop PRESALE night at 730p

The sooner you drop off - the earlier you & your guest get to start shopping

Don’t forget to bring a basket or tote for shopping*
* Passes are required for  PreSale admission No pass - No presale shopping - Sorry
* Due to the increasing number of consignors & guests, Children under age 8 are NO LONGER PERMITTED at the PreSale. 

  Babies will be admitted in carriers, snuglis, & slings. (NO STROLLERS ALLOWED during PreSales ONLY) Once we open

  to the public, strollers are always allowed. 
* Consignor 1/2 OFF Early Sale:   Passes are not required - just show up!


(see Consignor Dates in the drop down tab under Consignor Info)

Bring totes, baskets, and/or boxes w/ you to pick up your items.

Totes & Baskets labeled SWP are not allowed outside the building. NO EXCEPTIONS

You are required to go through every item before it leaves the store!  

Volunteers have taken the time to partially sort items for you. Unfortunately, items can be placed within the wrong consignor number range. It is your responsibility to make sure your items weren't placed with the wrong number by accident. 

1.  pick up CHECK LIST at the door - follow ALL INSTRUCTIONS
2.  Consignor numbers are hanging by a range of numbers - find your number range (example 0 - 99)

      KIDS SALE:  collect all items hanging within your number range, under the clothing in the floor,

      & rows of baskets behind hanging clothing. Check missing tag areas.

      Adult Sale:  check in the large item area, artwork area, tables where breakables will be, furniture area, missing tag

      rack & missing tag tables

      * go through every item to insure you do not leave with something that doesn't belong to you.      

      *  volunteers will be at the door to make sure you are leaving with only your consignor number items.
3.  pick up your consignor check - reports are available online the night before pick up starts. (typically available after 10pm)

4.  You're done

All unsold items MUST be picked up during the pick up date. Arrangements can be made for a friend or relative to pick up your items.

We will work with you the very best we can. However, any unclaimed items still remaining at the close of pick up will be donated to Teen Challenge of Chattanooga and various Fort Oglethorpe charitable organizations.  Sorry, No Exceptions.

Seller Reports are available online only & can be viewed once checks are cut. (typically available after 10pm on sorting day)

Consignor checks are issued during pick up.  
In the event you want your check mailed, you must provide us with a self addressed stamped envelope.  

Failure to do so will result in your check being held not mailed.