barcode stickers -vs- tags

(order stickers or tags based on day of the week)

Barcode orders placed after 10am MON-WED-FRI will generate NEW BARCODE TAGS.

Barcode orders placed after 10am TUE-THU-SAT will generate ORIGINAL BARCODE SICKERS.


It doesn't matter which tagging method you use as long as you use one of them.

Both the barcode tags and barcode stickers work.  Feel free to use both.

CLICK here to Order, View, & Print BARCODE TAGS or STICKERS! - Kids Sale

CLICK here to Order, View, & Print BARCODE TAGS or STICKERS! - Adult & Home Sale

How to Order & Print TAGS 

(do it yourself from home or work! SUPER EASY & takes less than 5 minutes):
* Order what you need based on the quantity, price & discount or no discount 
a.  Price on Label  (enter price)
b.  # of labels at this price  (enter quantity)
c.  Allow Discount?  (select yes or no)
After you are finished keying in the barcode amounts,  click on Submit Order
You will be taken to a message page. Click on Display Barcodes for Printing
* Insert printer paper or card stock into printer & PRINT 
Login as needed to print / reprint tags.

1. I make stacks of items for each size I am going to consign, then I separate each size into stacks of separate dollar amounts. 
2. I use the YES Discount stickers. Since I let everything discount at the end of the sale, I don't have to make another stack of No Discount prices to order. Not to mention I sell nearly everything I drop off. The last thing I want is to take anything home.
3. Then I order barcode tags by price.  Tags come 6 to a page. (I always order more than I need - like 60 tickets for $4 = which gives me 10 pages for $6).

4. Use WHITE paper / card stock if you are picking up unsold items

    Use COLORED paper / card stock  if you are donating unsold items to charity.

​5. Login to my account and order my tags... this is what I'm asked when ordering:
This barcode order is for consignor #: 100
Price on barcode: 
Number of labels at this price: 
Allow Discount? Yes or No
7. Once finished entering each barcode amount, hit Submit order, Then click on Display Barcode Labels For Printing.
8. Make sure I have paper in my printer then PRINT.

USING TAGS Means:   

you will need to order your tags after 10am on MON - WED - FRI
Look at the photo below for what the tags look like.


Supplies needed for tagging: white or colored printer paper or cardstock, safety pins or tagging gun, tape, zipties, ziplocks, markers, ribbon.  Sometimes you need to get creative when attaching tags to items.


USING Barcode STICKERS Means: 

you will need to order your barcode stickers after 10am on TUE - THUR - SAT  

You can use kids sale barcodes and tags at the adult sale & adult ones at the kids sale.  

Supplies needed for barcode tagging: index cards, mailing label stickers (avery template 5160), safety pins or tagging gun, tape, zipties, ziplocks, markers, ribbon.  Sometimes you need to get creative when attaching tags to items.​


Need us to print BARCODE TAGS for you?
Follow the instructions above for ordering BARCODE TAGS. 
Once you successfully submit your order.... You will be taken to a Message page. At the TOP of this page is your Batch Number.
You Must Email your Consignor # & Batch # to us asap.  If we do not receive an email, we will assume you are printing them yourself.
We will send email confirmation letting you know when your TAGS are available for PICK UP.