Print Barcodes from your home/work printer or we can print them for you.

No printer?  We can print them to you. All you do is peel & stick them to your tag.   

We no longer mail barcode orders. We will gladly print them for you.  They can be picked up at our store location during drop-off.  

We will send email confirmation letting you know when we will be at the store for pick-up or we can leave them for you outside in our handy-dandy door mailbox.

Order REQUEST deadline for barcode PICK-UP at store:
Kid Sale Deadline:  MON FEB 18
Adult & Home Deadline:  MON MARCH 11

Printing Barcodes from Home: (highly encouraged)
There is NO DEADLINE for printing barcodes from your home/work printer  - open year-round  (must be registered to consign)

Leftover Barcodes: (do not trash them)
They may be used at ANY future sale. 

If you are registered for the kids sale and the adult sale...

and your consignor number is EXACTLY the same number for both sales... 

you can use the barcodes at both sales.

Once we are at the store for DROP OFF... the system will not be available for registration of any type.   

CLICK here to Order, View, & Print barcode orders! - Kids Sale

CLICK here to Order, View, & Print barcode orders! - Adult & Home Sale

How to Order & Print Barcodes (do it yourself is SUPER EASY & takes less than 5 minutes):

* Order the barcodes you need: based on the quantity, price & discount or no discount 
a.  Price on Label  (enter price)
b.  # of labels at this price  (enter quantity)
c.  Allow Discount?  (select yes or no)
After you are finished submitting your barcodes, click on Submit Order
You will be taken to a message page. Click on Display Barcode Labels for Printing
* Insert Labels into printer & PRINT 
a. use Avery template 5160 or comparable (there are 30 labels to a page)
b. Avery labels are carried at Wal-Mart, Staples & Office Depot

(Plain printer paper works well too.  Simply cut out your barcodes & tape (not glue) them to your index card)

Login as needed to print / reprint extra barcodes.

Need us to print your barcodes?

Follow the instructions above for ordering barcodes.
Once you successfully submit your order.... You will be taken to a Message page. At the TOP of this page is your Batch Number.
Email your consignor number & Batch Number to us asap.  We will reply back with PICK UP info.

You MUST send us an email (consignor number & batch number) If you need us to print them for you.
If we do not receive an email, we will assume you are printing them yourself.
We will send email confirmation letting you know when your barcodes will be available for PICK UP.

The barcode labels will display your consignor number & the amount of the barcode.
Simply peel & stick your barcodes to the front side of your tags. (make sure the barcode price matches the tag price)

Now you are ready to drop-off your items. Sweet!